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Bryan L. Ashby
I remember back in high school, many, many moons ago, the exact place I was standing when finally deciding what I would be when I grew up. I knew I wanted to help people! My dream was to be a pediatrician, but I pass out at the sight of blood, soo....that wasn't going to work! Eventually some incredible life choices brought me to the financial services industry!
I didn't want to work for the man because he could tell me how and when to do my job, how much money I was worth to him annually, and how much money to charge my clients. So the only obvious option I had was to start my own business! Trust me, it was worth it! 
I love helping my friends/clients achieve their financial independence the way they see it happening. Whether that dream is home ownership, structuring a simple budget they can afford or building a retirement that will outlast their life! We make it all happen here at Ashby Financial Group!

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Angie Ashby
Financial Services Manager


I love money. I love shopping, I love traveling and I LOVE not being a prisoner to debt so I can actually do those things! I love knowing how to make money work for me, rather working for IT.

My love of how money works started at a very young age. I was 14 years old and I remember my parents meeting with a financial planner at our kitchen table. Out of curiosity, I found myself listening in as he talked about Roth IRA's, Mutual Funds and other retirement vehicles. After a few minutes, something...just...clicked. I then spoke up and said, "I should be doing this." He responded by saying if he had understood these concepts at my age, he would be a rich man! 

I love my job. There is nothing better then teaching people how to make their money work for them...and seeing it click. How to invest money in a way to reap all of the benefits without ANY of the risks. Knowledge is power. It's never too late (or too early!) to think about your future!


Joshua Barstow
Mortgage Loan Officer 


When you picture yourself going to work in a career, what do you see? Firing up heavy machinery to knock down structures on a ranch? Speaking directly with movie stars face to face at a plush hotel? Or maybe catching hundreds of thousands of pounds of salmon out of crisp Alaskan water?


Well? I have been there and have done those things. I can tell you that NONE of those experiences have made me feel better about myself or more excited about my career, than giving people the financial edge to live their life to the fullest! Instilling confidence in those I work with in life's big decisions, gives me my reward and my peace. The financial industry is my home.


NMLS#: 1481290
State License#: 12072503-NMLO
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