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Our Expertise

We help people become self-reliant and achieve financial independence! Our goal is to educate families on how money can work for you. We do this by assisting our clients in organizing a simple budget, giving structure to their financial household goals and guiding them toward building a strong retirement savings they can rely on!

Mortgage Financing

Whether you are in the market to buy a new home, second home, investment property or refinance your current mortgage, we pride ourselves in having the best loan program for you!

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgages are for anyone that has a home and is 62 years or older. These types of mortgages are popular among retirees because it creates financial stability they need on a fixed income! How would no mortgage payment change your retirement years? You never make a mortgage payment on a reverse mortgage. Ask us how!

Retirement Savings
  • Do you have a 401(k) retirement plan that is failing you?  

  • 99% of all retirement plans are exposed to 100% loss and taxation! 

We have up to date retirement options that, if structured the right way, guarantee no losses and you can retire tax FREE! We want to show you!!

401(k) Rollover
  • Do you like when the value of your 401(k) moves down?

  • Do you want to protect your 401(k) from further losses?

  • You can move it into a financial tool worth while called an Annuity. The right annuity can safeguard your retirement against ALL risks! Let us tell you more!

Life Insurance

Client: "Why do I need life insurance?"

AFG: Life insurance provides financial security to your family if you die unexpectedly. 

Client: "How much life insurance do I need?" 

AFG: We have a life insurance needs calculator that can help guide you to determine the amount needed.

Merchant Services

Do you or anyone you know, own a business that accepts credit cards? We have an 86% success rate in saving our clients money on their credit card processing charges!! 

The information we need to run a savings analysis is so minimal, you will ask, "That's all you need?" The switch is easy too! Ask us!

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