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Yes, we all need a retirement plan or we will find ourselves in big financial trouble when we decide to retire.  


  • Do you understand how your retirement account works?

  • Do you have a retirement plan in place?

  • Maybe you have an old IRA or 401(k) just sitting stagnate with another company?

  • What percentage of tax will you pay at retirement?

  • Do you trust what the HR department recommends as the best retirement account for accumulation and distribution?

  • Will your retirement account sustain your current lifestyle?

We want to help everyone understand, in simple terms, how their current retirement plan works. If needed, we can offer up any new and improved alternatives to better serve your retirement years! There is constant change in the financial sector. We are current with those changes and can suggest what can better help you. 

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10-09-2009  "Why it is Time to Retire the 401(k)"

Retiree Robert Shively spends his days on the golf course. For many, that would be a dream come true, but not quite in the way Shively does it. The 68-year-old is the cart mechanic at the Niagara Falls Country Club.


Two and a half decades ago, his then employer, Occidental Petroleum Corp., cut its traditional defined pension plan in favor of a 401(k)-type system. So instead of getting a guaranteed pension check of $1,308...

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